Bolder Learning's mission is to provide the best academic support possible with a learning environment that motivates and excites our students. Our staff consists of full-time educators and tutors who are graduates of top schools, have a passion for learning, and have a history of delivering exceptional results. 

At Bolder Learning, we believe in fundamental concepts. Students who master fundamentals of testing, planning, and problem solving can apply their knowledge to any classroom or academic situation. We focus not only getting a student through a particular test or assignment, but also on teaching them fundamental skills that will carry over to later work. Complex concepts are broken down into their fundamental parts and taught in an intuitive manner. 

Every student learns differently and we customize the curriculum to match the way each student learns. Students get a tailored experience from custom curricula to carefully chosen practice problems. By getting to the heart of a student's individual problems, we help them achieve their academic goals.  

Reaching success is a team effort. Support is available around the clock by email or phone. We offer tutoring in the home, at our office, and online to best fit your needs. 

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